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We perform Post-Installation Inspections on new projects or Annual Inspections on existing play centres, to help keep your customers and your insurers happy.


Post Installation Inspections include:

  • Play structures and soft play areas newly installed, checked for adherence to British and European standards
  • General advice on room safety in public areas

A report is produced on completion, and a certificate of good practice is issued (subject to any improvements necessary being completed) for you to display.


Annual inspections include:

  • Building
    Access to play areas
    Room safety in public areas
    Emergency exit routes and fire fighting equipment

  • Management
    Operations files
    Inspection and Maintenance checks
    Play equipment risk assessment
    Fire risk assessment
    Staff training records
    Fire and emergency evacuation procedures
    First Aid
    Emergency Evacuation Pack
    Accident reporting system

  • Equipment design and layout
  • Recommended user numbers and age groups
  • Activities and equipment

A report is produced on completion highlighting the good points, and also any items which would benefit from improvement.


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