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Rupert Oliver and Lesley Knight have worked together on and off for many years, since coming together in 1985 to found what became the most successful indoor play area design and supply company in Europe.

Rupert first appeared on the play scene way back in 1972, when he appeared on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World programme showing his new invention, the concept that is now known worldwide as Soft Play, and he has never stopped playing since.

After first working as a physiotherapist, Lesley joined in the fun in 1985. Working in the company they had founded until 2007, Lesley then moved into the world of outdoor play for a while, since as the Chairwoman of the API (Association of Play Industries) she had the need to understand all aspects of play.

Since launching ‘Rupert Oliver’s Ideas Factory’ in September 2009, they are happily working together again along with selected partners. Rupert and Lesley are specialising in design and implementation of play areas, indoor and outdoor, as well as add-on products to enhance play areas. Lesley is also an RPII registered inspector of indoor playgrounds.

Please feel free to make use of their vast experience, and that of their working partners in helping your ideas come to fruition….

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Peppa Pig World

Our latest project is at Paultons family theme park on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. Please click here to visit their website.


Images of the site can be viewed in our gallery.


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RPII Inspections
We can perfrom RPII inspections on your play systems Please contact us for further information.

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