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Leaf Chair


A design classic from Rupert Oliver’s early design collection (about 1967 – we have the proof!) which has stood the test of time. Some of the earliest versions are still available for a small fortune on the internet if you search the classic furniture sites.

The Leaf Chair is the most comfortable, single point of suspension chair ever designed; you will never feel more relaxed in any other chair.


Steel framed, either galvanised, plastic coated or powder coated, it can be padded with a PVC seat for outdoor garden or remedial use, or why not treat yourself and ask us about a quality leather seat for your home interior.

Standard finish is white powder coated.

Chair is 1650mm long

Competent building advice to be taken on fixture as Ceiling Mounted Bracket will only hold a maximum of 100 kg. For ceiling suspension a Rotational Safety device must be used.

A stand or a special corner stand is available if ceiling suspension is not practical for you, overall dimensions 2.1m x 1.60m.


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